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KMD Business Consulting offers a wide range of development services to fit a wide range of businesses. Whether you’re a small, local business or a bustling multinational, we can help you succeed.

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Quality Is What Matters

As a reputable New Jersey business solutions provider, KMD Business Consultants LLC offers an excellent combination of business support services, and consulting services. Our all-around commitment lies in meeting the requirements of diverse companies that have a need for comprehensive services that revolve around business-related services. 

Whether you are a Government entity or a private organization, you are sure to enjoy premium business support services. Likewise, our proven consulting services cover business and venture operational planning, analyses, general marketing, and management, procurement, and Administrative specialists alongside regulations and licenses.

Since 2008, our flexible personalized service delivery has made us the best choice in business for both small to medium and large-scale companies, across different business niches. We understand the diversification of businesses’ goals and objectives. Hence, we go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.

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Millicent Davis

CEO | KMD Consultants

Millicent Davis


Where We Are The Best

Our Business model uses planning and service delivery approaches built on 21st century business planning and management. KMD Business Consultants offer a unique service approach to small business start-ups and others facing special challenges to growth and profitable performance.

Enterprise-level resources organization techniques are at the heart of our service delivery approach – including project management, service integration, and mobility.

Our methods expedite planning, as well as the successful formulation of solutions.

Purchasing Agents Chief Financial Officers

 Centralizing many of the organization’s buying functions saves money and creates a fair process to assess proposals from various suppliers and sales representatives.

Clerical Office Help in Gov't Services.

We support businesses with administrative and office support roles to ensure optimal efficiencies for your operation with a specialty in government related services and request.

School Business Administrators

Developing the best possible educational programs and services by planning, coordinating and supervising the operations of the business practices in school district.


Government Profile


Past Performance

KMD Business Consultants has served governmental entities such as municipalities, towns, boroughs and school districts with it’s management of business services.



We strive to provide the best service we can to our clients in both commercial and government sectors.


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